Listed Securities

Trading in Listed segment is through the OASIS system, incorporating a hybrid trading method that combines the best features of the quote based and order driven systems. The trading cycle is Friday-Thursday, 10a.m - 4.30 p.m on Monday-Friday. 

How to buy/sell scrip on OTCEI

bullet.gif - 1524 BytesThe investor approaches any of the brokers (Members/ Dealers) and views the screen displaying the best current quotes/ prices offered.

bullet.gif - 1524 BytesThe investor can put in an order to match either the best quote or the best order rate.

bullet.gif - 1524 Bytes Alternatively the order may be entered for a different rate than currently available, whereby the order is executed against a corresponding order received within the
         same settlement period.

bullet.gif - 1524 Bytes The investor can also enter into speculative trades by buying first and later squaring up the trade at a higher price (buying forward) or selling first and squaring up later at
         lower price (short selling).

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