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A project report is essential for all entrepreneurs approaching venture fund or private equity funds for financing a project. Keeping in mind the requirements of such funds, given below is a project report template that is normally required for appraisal by the funds.


 Executive Summary

    Talk about your Company, products and reason for raising capital.

    Mission Statement

    Your Company's mission

    Key to Success

    Discuss your company's success in terms of marketing power, product quality, customer satisfaction, management team etc..


 Company Summary

    Company Ownership

    Give details of current promoters.

    Company History

    History of incorporation and financials for the last three years. Financial and operational details such as sales, gross margin %, operating expenses, cash, accounts receivable, inventory, other short-term assets, long-term assets, equity, debt, etc should be indicated.

    Company Locations

    Locations of your offices & factories/ facilities.



    Product range and typical consumer profile.

    Product Description

    Details of each product manufactured by your company.

    Competitive Comparison

    Compare your products with your competitors

    Sales Literature

    Sales literature to be enclosed with the proposal


    Details of your vendors/ suppliers


    Details of the technology used by your company to manufacture your products.

    Future Products

    What could be the future products by your company and why?


 Market Analysis Summary

    Details of the market to which your company caters & the potential

    Market Segmentation

    The segments which your company services and the details of the future growth of such markets

    Target Market Segment Strategy

    Strategy to target the segments with specific discussion on market needs, market trends and growth.

    Industry Analysis

    Industry Participants Describe the other players in the industry

    Distribution Patterns Describe the sales channels used


 Strategy and Implementation Summary

    Discuss your strategy to push your products. include promotion, marketing, pricing, distribution, etc.


 Management Summary

    Organizational Structure

    Management Team


 Financial Plan

Discuss the means of promoter contribution towards the financial requirements.

    Break-even Analysis

    Discuss the break-even analysis with fixed cost, variable cost etc.

    Projected Profit and Loss

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